What is a dental implant?

Whether you need to replace a single tooth or many teeth, dental implants can provide a permanent solution that will let you smile, laugh and enjoy your favorite foods with confidence. Dental implants are specially-made titanium screws placed in the jawbone to serve as a firm foundation for a new tooth or denture that looks and feels completely natural.

What steps are involved in getting an implant?

If you recently lost a tooth or have full or partial dentures, you might want to consider a dental implant. Getting an implant is basically a three part process:

  1. An anchor- a titanium screw- is embedded in the jaw bone.
  2. a post is inserted into the anchor to hold an artificial tooth.
  3. The artificial tooth is attached to the post.

How permanent are dental implants?

Most implants should last a lifetime. Over the past 30 years, thousands of implants remain in place and still function like natural teeth. Thommen is a leading manufacturer of implant systems and has sponsored over twenty clinical studies to track implant patients.