CEREC is a revolutionary way to restore damaged teeth in one visit. With CEREC, there is no need for us to take an impression and send it to the lab. Using an infra-red camera, a digital “impression” of the prepared tooth is taken

Dental Software

At Dr. Jeffrey Scolnick’s state of the art practice, we are completely paperless. We are currently using the most advanced dental software program available to better serve your needs. Our chair-mounted monitor assists in pinpointing problem areas to patients.

Dexis Digital X-Rays

Why Digital?

* Reduced exposure to radiation
* Less Waiting time
* Shorter appointments
* Involved in co-diagnosis
* Better Understanding of treatment


State-of-the-art CAD/CAM software allows us to design every precise detail of your restoration right before your very eyes.


Exact design specifications are sent to our on-site “milling machine” to create your restoration. About 20 minutes later, your all-ceramic, color-matched restoration is ready for cementation. No impression, no temporary crowns – no need for a second anesthetic injection.


Our office incorporates Piezotome™ technology from ACTEON ® for our pre-implant surgery including tooth extractions, bone grafting, and sinus elevations. Piezotome™ technology employs high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to gently and accurately cut bone and teeth. The benefits of Piezotome™ technology include less trauma than traditional methods of bone surgery resulting in reduced pain and swelling post operatively. Procedures are performed quickly and precisely.


SoproLIFE by ACTEON® is an intraoral camera that utilizes fluorescence to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of cavities. The auto fluorescence technology in SoproLIFE allows us to detect decay, even in its earliest stages, which can often be missed by the eyes or by x-rays. It also allows us to differentiate healthy from infected tissue in order to remove only the tissue, which is diseased during the treatment of cavities. The light penetrates the enamel outer layer and shows the healthy dentin in a green color and the decayed dentin in red. SoproLIFE is free from ultraviolet or ionizing rays and may eliminate the need of an x-ray, which helps to reduce patient x-ray exposure.


Our office incorporates NEWTRON™ technology from ACTEON® for our regular dental cleanings and check ups. NEWTRON™ technology employs high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to gently clean teeth. The benefits of NEWTRON™ technology include less discomfort than traditional methods of powered scaling resulting in pain free cleanings. Procedures are performed quickly and precisely.